Airport Won’t Automatically Reconnect After Sleep

Airport Won’t Automatically Reconnect After Sleep

Yesterday I had a bit of trouble when trying to extend my network using my Airport Express. The end result wasn’t an extended network with a printer at the end of it as hoped. Instead, what I did get was a computer that wouldn’t reconnect to my wireless network after I snapped it out of sleep mode. It took hours to figure out what was wrong and now it finally works. Here’s what I did.

I simply went to my HD, Library, then Preferences. Then I deleted all the preferences listed in the photo below, restarted my computer and reconnected to my network. It will ask you for your password so have that ready. Once you are connected. You should be ready to go. Try testing it by shutting the lid of your Mac or putting your computer to sleep. Did you test it? Is it ready to go? Good.


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