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The Corporation

I’m back with another DVD review… For those of you who like thought provoking documentaries that are intended to take the blinders off and the slobbery ball gag from your mouth, then you’ll love The Corporation. This is a mulitlayered film that is like the unraveling of an onion, layer by layer. The movie reveals […]

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Very Cool Animation

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo

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The Graphic Design Dilemma

Being a graphic or web designer in this climate nowadays is TOUGH. I mean very tough. Talent coming out of art school these days will be faced with the harsh reality of market dilution and over saturation of untrained folks who like to call themselves “graphic designers” or “web designers”. As someone who has 15+ […]

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2008 Portfolio Update

So yeah… it’s been awhile since my last update. Typically its a business’s own website that suffers most while producing work for others. The portfolio is updated and in some cases trimmed down a bit. I mean I didn’t have to show every DVD ever produced did I? I’ve also found some web banners buried […]

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Feast or Famine

As usual the ebb and flow of business is a continuous roller coaster ride. This hasn’t been more apparent than this month of August. The first week was unusually slow, so naturally I continued to focus on updating my website and portfolio, while taking advantage of the lull. Then on the 7th I got pummeled […]

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