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It’s late and I’m having difficulty getting my portfolio posted. It’s all done (pretty much) and ready to roll. I probably need some sleep seeing it’s fast approaching midnight and I will turn into a rotten little pumpkin any minute. Anyway, I have to share this tidbit while I have the energy left because this […]

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The Hour of the Wolf

Since I am no longer writing DVD reviews for 8.5 Magazine, I’m going to start dropping some short reviews right here on my site. This will be the first of many reviews to come. So let me waste no time here and dig in. Last night I watched a historically epic movie for those foreign […]

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We Interrupt This Program…

Yes indeed. I’m interrupting everything that this website once was. Taking it apart. Rebuilding it. Evolving it in a different way. Time… time giveth and time taketh away. What is exciting to me is that this new design is a work in progress, something that will continue to evolve over time. I won’t need to […]

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