Vuze – My New Favorite Application

In a world where everything is constantly evolving and there is just so much happening in the world of technology it’s tough to keep up on software releases, announcements and the deluge of new ideas. Because applications are tools, it’s important to realize that no tool is created the same. Last night I was doing […]

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What is Graphic Design?

I found this extremely fascinating and sad for the very industry I have been in for almost 20 years. Quite possibly one of the most ill-perceived professions in modern times.

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Adapting to a Changing World

Today we are witnessing one of the worst economic times of my generation. It’s hit a lot of sectors and it’s affected a lot of industries due to the trickle down effect (notice affect and effect in the same sentence). When company budgets are cut, and the advertising dollar is spent more frugally, consumers actually […]

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Airport Won’t Automatically Reconnect After Sleep

Yesterday I had a bit of trouble when trying to extend my network using my Airport Express. The end result wasn’t an extended network with a printer at the end of it as hoped. Instead, what I did get was a computer that wouldn’t reconnect to my wireless network after I snapped it out of […]

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The Century of the Self

Check out this four part BBC series, aptly entitled “The Century of the Self”. It’s about an idea that satisfaction is your highest priority and how corporations developed techniques based on Sigmund Freud to read the inner desires of individuals and fulfill them with products. It has everything to do with the psychology of advertising […]

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